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is a collaborative creative studio specialising in design, branding, and motion projects.

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Client ︎ Adidas
Agency ︎ TBWA/London
Location ︎ London 

Creatives ︎ Ben Martin, Kendal Peters
Photography ︎ Various Photographers

To flip the top down conventions of ‘doing’ the London look, we adopted a bottom-up approach. We collaborated with London influencers, alongside street cast Londoners, to curate and style Adidas with a truly hyper-localised approach. We took over the city with 50 looks and over 700 executions covering an end-to-end experience spanning across OOH, online video, social, CRM and Adidas app.


Photoshoots took place across the diverse range of London boroughs. In each we carried out extensive area studies to ensure locations, styles and textures best captured each unique neighbourhood. We also selected photographers whos style suited the feel of the particular borough.

From the area studies we found that many older shops had vinyl lettering that was peeling back and decided to create a bespoke version for “LONDON”.
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